Prayer at St Bs


I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” - Psalm 91:2

Join us in covering this turbulent time in prayer

In this time of forced social isolation, where all evening groups and activities are cancelled, we are left with a lot more time on our hands.
Join us in spending our time with the God who is all powerful and in control!

How does 24-7 prayer work?

We use 24/7 prayer's model for our weeks of prayer.
We have an online schedule that you can log into and sign up for an hour of personal prayer.

We would love as many people as possible to sign up for an hours slot during the week, and feel free to sign up for multiple slots over the week if you can!

What are we praying for?

We will be praying for our nation and our world as we face the global challenge of C-19.
Each and every one of us will also have particular issues and dreams that we want to bring before God our heavenly father. So this time is an opportunity for us all to engage with God for our own personal lives.

Other ways to join in

We encourage everyone to engage in and sign up to an hours slot.
However we understand that for some people this wont be possible - so there are other ways you can participate.
Daily prayer: Try to set aside a period of time each day to take yourself off to a quiet place and pray. This could be 10 minutes or an hour depending on what you are used  to. Pray for 5 people you know to come to know Jesus, for the church to be equipped by the Holy Spirit for greater works of evangelism, and pray the Lord's  prayer "Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done in earth as in heaven."
Try Fasting: The purpose of fasting is to deny ourselves something as a way of telling God that our desire for Him and for His purposes in our lives is greater than even our normal human appetites. This helps focus out attention and bring a greater weight of importance and urgency to our prayers.

Keen to keep on praying?
As well as our Sunday prayer ministries, we have a number of prayer networks and small groups which regularly meet to pray.
Please contact to find out more.