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Starting out

It is never too early to go to World Mission Support as you explore a possible call to go on long or short term mission. We refer to those that we have sent as ‘mission partners’ as they really are in partnership with the church in the work that they are doing. Support for a St Bs member embarking on mission begins as soon as the individual explores a possible calling and this is the basis for a good partnership. Mission is challenging, and before someone embarks on mission World Mission Support can help ensure that they gain the right support, training and experience before taking the plunge.

Ongoing Support

St Barnabas aims to support long-term mission partners by offering guidance, prayer, practical and financial support. Each overseas member, couple or family have a ‘World Mission Support link person’ . This is a UK member of St Barnabas who acts as a friendly link between the World Mission Support Partner and St Barnabas. Through the World Mission Support link person, they can keep the church up-to-date with all their latest news and needs so that people can pray for and support them. The link person also keeps the World Mission Support partner up-to-date with the church’s latest news so that they don’t lose touch, and makes sure that the partner is receiving all the support that they need. World Mission Support continues to offer advice.

What is partnering with World Mission Support like? Here is one of World Mission Support’s partner’s experiences:

‘When I first thought about mission, I thought I might be laughed at for my crazy ideas, but World Mission Support was really supportive and talked me through my options. They encouraged me to go on a short term mission as a taster, so I took a couple of weeks off work and joined in a house building project in South Asia. Although I’ll never become a brickie, the experience opened my eyes to a new culture, team-life and how God works in amazing ways. Afterwards, World Mission Support suggested that I got some mission training as I felt that I wanted to work in mission longer term. This was invaluable in preparing me for the challenges ahead, honing my character, giving me practical skills and learning more about the Bible and other faiths. World Mission Support has been there consistently throughout my journey and I would not have got here without them!’

Returning Home

Returning from mission can be the hardest bit as people can face reverse culture shock, a loss of purpose, practical issues such as finding work and accommodation, and even loneliness. Much of the support provided while World Mission Support partners are on mission aim to reduce the impact that this can have, but World Mission Support also continues to support World Mission Support partners once they have finished their term of mission, with the aim of helping partners to fully adjust to all the changes that they face.

Linda Perkins, Member Care Pastor

I spent 20 years as a St B’s Mission Partner in Asia. After language study I worked with an NGO co-ordinating Education projects and doing member care. Later I transferred to teaching English and Culture in a university but was still affiliated to the NGO training people to run projects. I also enjoyed a partnership with a local church running study groups and discipling others. I am currently based in Wales and am doing an MA in Member Care. I officially took on the role as WMS Member Care Pastor in November 2020, and am working in this role remotely. Happy to be involved with St B’s! Linda Perkins, WMS Member Care Pastor

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