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update from Jo Jowett - MISSION PARTNER

Jo Jowett lives in Boroughbridge (North Yorkshire) with her husband, Mark. Having served with Christian Vocations and Global Connections for 18 years, Jo now runs SERVE7. As a freelance worker, Jo is offering support to organisations involved in local and global mission in seven key ministry areas. As if starting SERVE7 in January 2021 wasn’t a big enough change for Jo, she and Mark moved from Birmingham to North Yorkshire in December, mainly to be closer to Mark’s parents who are increasingly in need of support. SERVE7 has been going really well and Jo has been blessed to able to work with a number of different organisations on a range on projects, including project management, publications, and governance support. One major project she’s been working on since SERVE7 started has now come to an end, and whilst other projects are still ongoing, she is praying for other new projects she can invest her gifts in. Whilst Jo and Mark are seeking new opportunities to serve the community in Boroughbridge, they are still also trying to close out their involvement in some Birmingham projects, including City Pastors. There are various possible scenarios for the future, but prayer is needed for the right direction. Give thanks:

  • For the opportunities Jo has had to serve several organisations over the past year

  • That the move to North Yorkshire in December happened quickly and smoothly.

  • That they believe they have found a new church family to be part of

Please pray:

  • That Jo would continue to see the Lord’s provision in terms of the resources and opportunities to serve His mission through SERVE7

  • That both Jo and Mark will find the right opportunities to serve with their new church family and within the wider community in their new location.

  • For handing over the work of City Pastors

Support and/or pray for Jo: Email to find out how you can support her or receive her prayer letters

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