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Update from Kara Baah

Kara is based in an area of Northern Ghana with lots of Muslim people groups. She is on a two-year short-term placement to explore possible long-term options there. After much delay, Kara is back in Ghana. The waiting wasn’t in vain as in her last week at work she was able to present about her time in Ghana to her team. The team in Tumu has gained two new members from the USA, which is great for Kara as she now has more people to practise learning the language with. She has been volunteering at the hospital, at the hypertension clinic and helped launch Youth Club Ghana. Give thanks:

  • For a safe return to Ghana

  • That she could spend time and connect with some dear friends that she would have missed if her flight hadn’t been delayed

  • For the opportunities to get involved in the village

Please pray:

  • That she would get onto a community health education course in the north of Ghana

  • For inspiration as she begins to create for an art exhibition to showcase her prophetic artwork, which she hopes will lead to discussion

  • For the formation of the new Youth Club

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