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nick-karvounis-156112At St Barnabas, serving is one of our 'Markers of membership' so we encourage all our members to commit to serving in a ministry of St Barnabas. There is a great variety of ministries here so the hope is that all people find an area to serve in which they feel fulfilled, valued and most of all have fun!

While lots of groups have paused during lockdown there are things that have started up too. And if the group you've been involved with has paused for lockdown, why not take inspiration from Mark and Sian Stubbings and reach out and serve your neighbours over this time.

Serving our neighbours


  Facebook (49)Foodbank
We excited to have started a foodbank over lockdown, and have been finding that the need is great. We would love more people serving through donating food, publicising and getting together with their neighbours and streets to gather donations.
The Foodbank is open for donations on Saturdays at 10am-12noon

For more information email Helen at or call 07872 697623

Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest, as well as with a list of the most needed food and supplies.
  Facebook (48)Community Lunch
Every Sunday and Wednesday lunchtimes we give out free hot takeaway meals to those in need.
If you are willing to be on a cooking rota that would be at great help.
Contact Viv for more information:
  Facebook (50)English Classes
We support people in North London who don't have English as a first language by offering free English classes. 
We are now doing English Classes online, as well as bible studies for people who don't have English as a first language.

We are always wanting more volunteers to lead groups - no experience necessary and age no barrier, young or old!

Contact Keith for more information:
  Kids Ministry Logos (Doodler)Kids Church 
Every Thursday we have an episode of Kids Church, and it's great to see different faces and families! If you and your family would like to help out by doing the actions for the worship songs then please get in touch with Lucy:
  World Mission Support LogoWorld Mission Support 
World Mission Support is a group of St Bs volunteers who are passionate about World Mission and who pray for / provide support for those we have sent out from St Bs to serve God around the world or in the UK. Drawing from years of experience, we offer great guidance and support, and seek to foster community and networking which crosses the continents!

We are always keen to welcome new members at World Mission Support - there’s plenty of ways to serve and get involved!!

If any of this interests you, do get in touch with Claire Franks, who is our World Mission Pastor.

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