Support a Mission

Our mission partners need you...

Mission partners can’t continue without the love, support and friendship of those from St Bs. They are one of us and need support. Choose the mission partner you’d like to support, choose how from the following list, and email Claire Franks for the details... 

  • Pray – it’s key! Receive email updates for the partner you’d like to pray for 

  • Give – mission partners have to raise some or all of their own funds. WMS give up to 50% of their financial needs. Individual monthly supporters sustain their work. Could you give £5 - £500 a month to support a mission partner? No amount is too big or too small! 
  • Post a gift – imagine living without your favourite things! Would it be your favourite tea or coffee, chocolate, marmite, gravy granules, stuffing mix...? Email Claire for the ‘wish list’ and address of the mission partner you’d like to send a gift to. They’ll love you forever! 
  • A meal or accommodation – finding accommodation is the biggest challenge for mission partners when they visit St Bs. Could you offer accommodation to a mission partner (an individual or family) for a few days or more? Or could you invite them over for a meal to get to know them? 
  • Become a WMS link – become the main link into St Bs for one of our mission partners. You keep in touch with the mission partner through the year and feedback their news & needs at the 6 weekly WMS meetings 
  • Join the WMS team – join our 6-weekly meeting to hear about and pray for our mission partners around the world, and see what God is up to!