How does WMS support Mission Partners? 

  • Each mission partner has a WMS link; a member of St Bs who stays in touch and feeds back news or needs every 6 weeks at the WMS meeting
  • We pray for mission partners at the WMS meetings and at Sunday  morning services throughout the year
  • We host evenings for mission partners to share about their work when they are visiting St Bs
  • We give mission partners up to 50% of their financial needs
  • We send mission partners a 1-2 gift packages throughout the year with the things they miss the most
  • We organise biennial reviews for mission partners with the World Missions Pastor, a WMS representative, a member of the St Bs leadership team and a friend
  • We help facilitate practical arrangements when they visit the UK
  • We organise visits to mission partners; either pastoral visits or a small team from St Bs to serve the mission partners
  • We send mission partners updates with news and snippets from St Bs