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Trainee Worker Scheme

EQUIP is designed for people who know what God is calling them to do and want to be trained to do just that. In the past, ministry training options have tended to be college based with local church placements. EQUIP is different: it’s based in a large local church where you will get real training and experience in the area of your calling, with the opportunity to have a college placement for the academic study.

If you come on EQUIP as one of our full time trainee worker students, you would usually be based at St Bs for at least two years. We currently have students positions in four ministry areas:

  • Neighbourhood
  • Youth
  • Kids
  • Discipleship/Young Adults
Cohort March 2014

To qualify for a place as a trainee worker student, we will interview you and will expect you to show us that you have a clear sense of calling to your chosen area of ministry, and that you have some experience of working in that area.

There are four main strands to the EQUIP Trainee Worker programme:

  • Vocational

  • Leadership

  • Theological

  • Personal/Spiritual

Being an EQUIP Trainee Worker is a partnership between us and you.

You gain the benefit of training and experience from us:

We get the benefit of having some exceptional students working with us whilst they are training

We will provide some financial support towards the cost of your accommodation and studies

You will be expected to raise your own living expenses and other costs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


 Coming up 
The Sunday Session
11:15am Sunday 23 November
Youth Hall
Kids Church
11:25am Sunday 23 November
St Barnabas Church
Morning Worship
11:30am Sunday 23 November
St Barnabas Church
Our Place
11:30am Sunday 23 November
Tubeside Hall
Homeless Lunch
1:30pm Sunday 23 November
Parish Hall
Café 66 (11-14's)
5:00pm Sunday 23 November
Parish Hall
The 5 (14-18s)
5:00pm Sunday 23 November
Tubeside Hall
Evening Worship
7:00pm Sunday 23 November
St Barnabas Church