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        School of Theology

*** Recruiting now ***

Have you ever been listening to a sermon, and thought, “This is great but I’d really like to be able to go a bit deeper into some of this stuff”? Or do you read bits of the Bible and find yourself wondering how it all fits together? Or do you just want to know more about the Bible and have a better understanding of the things you believe? If you relate to any of these then the EQUIP School of Theology is designed with you in mind.
Group Discussion

The School of Theology started in September 2010, and is now about to enter its sixth year. One Saturday morning a month, for nine months in the year, people from St Bs and other local churches, come and learn together. In the first year we take a journey through the whole of the Bible, looking at the history of the people of God, learning how the various books of the Bible either record this history or relate to it, and exploring the major themes of Kingdom and Covenant as they develop through the Old and New Testament. Then in the second year we look at some of the big subjects of faith: What is God really like? Who is Jesus and what did he come to do? How do people get “saved” and what does “saved” mean anyway? What’s going to happen at the end of the age?
Group Discussion 01And all of this happens in a setting where we worship together, get to know one another as a learning community, and where we invite the Holy Spirit to work among us and allow t
ime for him to apply truth to our lives in the way that he wants to. And if you miss one session, or just want to go over the material again, all our students are given access to handouts and recordings of the sessions through a dedicated EQUIP section on the website.
And don't just take our word for it ... this is what some of our former students have to say about the EQUIP School of Theology:

H: Every month I have come away with a renewed desire to read my bible, to learn about God’s relationship with me. And every month God has spoken and ministered to me personally, deepening my relationship with him.

M:  It has really made the Bible, as a whole, accessible to me ... and has been instrumental in grounding me more in Faith.

R: How privileged I feel to be attending this amazing biblical teaching which is accessible and so enjoyable. Thank you, St B’s.

M: The Equip course has opened my eyes and has challenged my thinking more than I imagined it ever would. I hate the lesson coming to an end and I can’t wait for the next lesson.

P: I have found the teaching inspirational, providing more clarity to my Christian beliefs. I am thankful and excited to attend each session.
So, does this sound like something you would be interested in? Well we are now recruiting for our September 2015 intake. This will be the second year of the course [looking at the big subjects of the faith] but don’t worry if you haven’t done the first year: the course designed so that you can join in either year and do the two years in either order. You don't need to have studied before or have any previous knowledge of “theology”: all you need is a desire to learn and to grow as a follower of Jesus.
Further information and an application form are available below.
You can download the Information sheet and complete an Application (pdf) Application (Word) form.

Or contact us at equip@stbarnabas.co.uk


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N12 Women
9:30am Thursday 26 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
Barney's Toddler Group
9:30am Friday 27 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
7:30pm Friday 27 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
Holy Communion
8:00am Sunday 29 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
Kids Church
9:30am Sunday 29 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
Tots Church
9:30am Sunday 29 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
Mini Church
9:30am Sunday 29 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road
Morning Worship
9:30am Sunday 29 November
St Barnabas Church, Holden Road