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Visiting Speakers


 Visiting Speakers 
The Wake-Up Call (download)
Pastor Pete, as he is known, was born and grew up in London and pastors a church in Southport. Pastor Pete has always had a heart for the broken and homeless, feeding them and providing shelter anywhere possible, even in a caravan on the Church car park. To find out more about his ministry and history visit
Pastor Pete Cunningham, 01/06/2014
The Possibility of a God Inspired Life (download)
Mark Melluish is the Vicar of St Paul's Church, Ealing and is also the Leader of New Wine, London & West. He spoke at our 7pm Celebration Service on 2 March.
Mark Melluish, 02/03/2014
OMG! (download)
Anthony Delaney is the writer of best selling men's book 'Diamond Geezers'. Formerly a police office in Manchester, Anthony now leads a church (Ivy Manchester) that meets in a cinema, a club, an inner-city estate, a warehouse and even a church building. He spoke at 7pm service on 2 February.
Anthony Delaney, 02/02/2014
The Presence of God (download)
Michael Ross-Watson, is a missionary with WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) International. Michael and his wife spent 10 years working in Indonesia but are now based in the UK, where Michael has a pastoral role at the WEC Missionary Headquarters and is involved in Bible teaching at his local church in Bracknell. He spoke at St Bs on 2 February.
Michael Ross-Watson, 02/02/2014
Carl Beech (download)
Carl Beech, who heads up Christian Vision for Men.
Carl Beech, 01/12/2013
Persecution (download)
Mervyn Thomas is the Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. He spoke at the 7pm service on 29 September.
Mervyn Thomas, 29/09/2013
In That Day (download)
Andy Hawthorne is Founder and Chief Executive of The Message. He spoke at the 7pm service on 1 September.
Andy Hawthorne, 01/09/2013
Proximity And Prophecy (download)
Ian Henderson is The Message's Mission Director. He spoke at the 11.30am service on 1 September.
Ian Henderson, 01/09/2013
I Have A Dream (download)
Ian Henderson is the Message's Mission Director. He spoke at the 9.30am service on 1 September.
Ian Henderson, 01/09/2013
Our Heavenly Father (download)
Andy Economides is the Founder and Director of the Soteria Trust. He spoke at the 7pm service at St Barnabas.
Andy Economides, 30/06/2013
King Asa (download)
Mary was a missionary in South America with her husband David for 17 years before moving to St Andrew's Church, Chorleywood, where David was the vicar for many years. She has a teaching and counselling ministry and has written 10 books, including Yesterday’s Child, A Child No More, Dying to Change, and Who Am I?
Mary Pytches, 21/10/2012
Guest Speaker: Andrew Emerton (download)
Andrew Emerton is the Director of St Paul’s Theological Centre and the Assistant-Dean of St Mellitus College. He spoke on Jesus & John the Baptist: leading & being led.
Andrew Emerton, 01/07/2012
Guest Speaker: Terry Virgo (download)
Terry Virgo, founder of Newfrontiers, came to speak at the Celebration Service.
Terry Virgo, 06/05/2012
Spiritual Authority (download)
Visiting Speaker Stuart Lees, Vicar of Christ Church Fulham speaks on Authority.
Stuart Lees, 04/03/2012
Operation Mobilisation (download)
Founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation.
George Verwer, 11/12/2011
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