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Visiting Speakers


 Visiting Speakers 
Light in a Dark Place (download)
Canadian-born Danielle is a Major in the Salvation Army and is passionate about the kingdom of God coming on earth. She is involved in many different initiatives from local justice campaigns to writing books, teaching courses and church-planting.
Danielle Strickland, 16/11/2014
The Wake-Up Call (download)
Pastor Pete, as he is known, was born and grew up in London and pastors a church in Southport. Pastor Pete has always had a heart for the broken and homeless, feeding them and providing shelter anywhere possible, even in a caravan on the Church car park. To find out more about his ministry and history visit
Pastor Pete Cunningham, 01/06/2014
The Possibility of a God Inspired Life (download)
Mark Melluish is the Vicar of St Paul's Church, Ealing and is also the Leader of New Wine, London & West. He spoke at our 7pm Celebration Service on 2 March.
Mark Melluish, 02/03/2014
OMG! (download)
Anthony Delaney is the writer of best selling men's book 'Diamond Geezers'. Formerly a police office in Manchester, Anthony now leads a church (Ivy Manchester) that meets in a cinema, a club, an inner-city estate, a warehouse and even a church building. He spoke at 7pm service on 2 February.
Anthony Delaney, 02/02/2014
The Presence of God (download)
Michael Ross-Watson, is a missionary with WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) International. Michael and his wife spent 10 years working in Indonesia but are now based in the UK, where Michael has a pastoral role at the WEC Missionary Headquarters and is involved in Bible teaching at his local church in Bracknell. He spoke at St Bs on 2 February.
Michael Ross-Watson, 02/02/2014
Carl Beech (download)
Carl Beech, who heads up Christian Vision for Men.
Carl Beech, 01/12/2013
Persecution (download)
Mervyn Thomas is the Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. He spoke at the 7pm service on 29 September.
Mervyn Thomas, 29/09/2013
In That Day (download)
Andy Hawthorne is Founder and Chief Executive of The Message. He spoke at the 7pm service on 1 September.
Andy Hawthorne, 01/09/2013
Proximity And Prophecy (download)
Ian Henderson is The Message's Mission Director. He spoke at the 11.30am service on 1 September.
Ian Henderson, 01/09/2013
I Have A Dream (download)
Ian Henderson is the Message's Mission Director. He spoke at the 9.30am service on 1 September.
Ian Henderson, 01/09/2013
Our Heavenly Father (download)
Andy Economides is the Founder and Director of the Soteria Trust. He spoke at the 7pm service at St Barnabas.
Andy Economides, 30/06/2013
King Asa (download)
Mary was a missionary in South America with her husband David for 17 years before moving to St Andrew's Church, Chorleywood, where David was the vicar for many years. She has a teaching and counselling ministry and has written 10 books, including Yesterday’s Child, A Child No More, Dying to Change, and Who Am I?
Mary Pytches, 21/10/2012
Guest Speaker: Andrew Emerton (download)
Andrew Emerton is the Director of St Paul’s Theological Centre and the Assistant-Dean of St Mellitus College. He spoke on Jesus & John the Baptist: leading & being led.
Andrew Emerton, 01/07/2012
Guest Speaker: Terry Virgo (download)
Terry Virgo, founder of Newfrontiers, came to speak at the Celebration Service.
Terry Virgo, 06/05/2012
Spiritual Authority (download)
Visiting Speaker Stuart Lees, Vicar of Christ Church Fulham speaks on Authority.
Stuart Lees, 04/03/2012
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