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This area contains publications and audio recordings.

These are recent sermons preached at St Barnabas. They are made available to you free of charge in the hope that they will be a blessing to you. The most recent are displayed at the top.

These recordings are at a quality which speeds up streaming or download.

For a higher quality, please order a CD which is available from The Arch on Sundays or to order your CD email John Auton.

Click a menu at the left to go to the relevant sermon series download area, else you can browse the entire list here below. 

Once you have found the sermon or other media item you wish to listen to or view, clicking on the title will stream the content to you. Clicking on the word "download" will give you the option to save the content to your own pc for later use.

 Most Recent Sermon Listing 
Light in a Dark Place (download)
Danielle Strickland, 16/11/2014
Building the Walls (download)
Henry Kendal, 16/11/2014
Go! Go Back! (download)
David Brown, 09/11/2014
Onesimus Goes Home (download)
Colin Brookes, 09/11/2014
Philip Heads South to Gaza (download)
Colin Brookes, 02/11/2014
Get Up and Go (download)
Mike Pavlou, 02/11/2014
From One Field to Another (download)
Elliott Ireton, 26/10/2014
Being blind on the road - Saul's conversion (download)
James Brown, 26/10/2014
Thanks for the...Wilderness (download)
Ryan Venn-Dunn, 19/10/2014
Building Resilience in a VUCA-G World (download)
David Brown, 19/10/2014
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